Delta Lake is integral to our data platform which is why we have invested heavily in delta-rs to support our non-JVM Delta Lake needs. This year I had the opportunity to share the progress of delta-rs at Data and AI Summit. Delta-rs was originally started by my colleague QP just over a year ago and it has now grown to now a multi-company project with numerous contributors, and downstream projects such as kafka-delta-ingest.

In the session embedded below, I introduce the delta-rs project which is helping bring the power of Delta Lake outside of the Spark ecosystem. By providing a foundational Delta Lake library in Rust, delta-rs can enable native bindings in Python, Ruby, Golang, and more.We will review what functionality delta-rs supports in its current Rust and Python APIs and the upcoming roadmap.

I also try to give an overview of one of the first projects to use it in production: kafka-delta-ingest, which builds on delta-rs to provide a high throughput service to bring data from Kafka into Delta Lake.

Investing in data platform tools and automation is a key part of the vision for Platform Engineering which encompasses Data Engineering, Data Operations, and Core Platform. We have a number of open positions at the moment including a position to work closely with me as Data Engineering Manager. The leader of the Data Engineering team will help deliver data tools and solutions for internal customers building on top of Delta Lake, Databricks, Airflow, and Kafka. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of really interesting work to be done!