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Help us build the largest and most accessible library connecting storytellers with their audience.

Our readers are on a mission to become their best selves, and so are we. We’re not afraid to take risks because we know that — win or lose — we’ll learn from them.

If you’re a talented team player and want to work somewhere where your input matters, we’d love to talk with you.

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Why Scribd

We believe that the secret to making the perfect product is making Scribd the perfect place to work.


Our team takes great care of us, in return, we take great care of them.

  • Catered Meals

    We bring in breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have endless supply of snacks and treats.

  • Matching 401(K)

    You’ll have the option to contribute to a matching 401(k).

  • Full Health + Dental

    We offer comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans — at no cost to you!

  • Paid Parental Leave

    100% pay for the first 6 weeks of leave for the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child.

  • Visa Sponsorship

    Looking to move to the U.S.? We’ll sponsor your visa to help you get settled.

  • PTO + Holiday Week

    In addition to our generous PTO policy, we always take a full week off in December.

  • Professional Development

    We love to send employees to conferences like WWDC, Droidcon, RubyConf, and RailsConf.

  • Gym Membership

    Fully paid gym membership to the fantastic new facility in our San Francisco headquarters.

  • Wellness Benefit

    $50 per month in wellness allowance for activities including yoga, fitness classes, exercise, or pilates.

Multi-Faceted Codebase

Work with a variety of languages and libraries.

We continuously deploy code to a wide range of devices and servers. Here are a few of the languages and libraries we use to build Scribd.

  • Ruby

    We deploy one of internet's most popular Rails application daily.

  • Golang

    We build fast services and internal tools with Go.

  • Swift

    The best reading experience on iOS is primarily powered by Swift.

  • Kotlin

    The best reading experience on Android is powered by more and more Kotlin.

  • Terraform

    Our cloud infrastructure is automatically provisioned with Terraform.

  • React

    We're building newer and faster user experiences for the web with React.

  • Docker

    Stateless services are packaged and deployed with containers.

  • Spark

    Data science, batch and stream processing, and machine learning are powered by Apache Spark.

  • AWS

    We're growing into AWS with more and more auto-scaled and elastic workloads.

  • Chef

    Stateful servers are kept in line with Chef.

Our Structure

We divide and conquer in focused teams.

Project Management

The Project Management team’s mission is to keep the "trains" on-time across the company.


The Payments team is dedicated to growing revenue with sophisticated, reliable and secure international payments.

The Search team is dedicated to answering a user's specific need or question about what to read next.


The Recommendations team’s mission is to inspire users to read more and discover new content and topics.

Content Engineering

The Content Engineering team’s mission is to build and maintain the pipeline of all content metadata and cost management with high accuracy, quality, and performance. The team provides to other teams a base layer of knowledge about titles in our library by analyzing content and user behavior and building predictive models.

Applied Research

The Applied Research team drives decisions by creating insights into the product and improve the user experience with machine learning.

Core Platform

The Platform team’s mission is to build robust, foundational software to increase operational excellence and speed up product development. The team is focussed on implementing and supporting software infrastructure that the other teams rely on. It thinks strategically to enable the engineering org to operate efficiently and reliably at an increasing scale.

Internal Tools

The Internal Tools team is dedicated to improving the quality and productivity of engineering at Scribd. The team provides engineers with excellent tooling and automation to make building, releasing, and running systems a great experience and empower engineers to own their production systems.

Core Services

The Core Services team’s mission is to reliably operate and develop services that power Scribd’s core product features. The team defines and tracks progress based on metrics, such as, reliability, latency (e.g., “p95 time to first byte on doc page”), efficiency (cost).

Core Infrastructure

The Infrastructure team's mission is to provide secure and reliable cloud infrastructure shared between all engineering efforts with a focus on efficient automation and self-service. Our vision is an integrated set of standardized solutions that empower service ownership by facilitating and promoting DevOps practices within Scribd.

Security Engineering

The Security Engineering team builds security-critical infrastructure, handles lead incident response, and partners with the wider Engineering organization to promote a security culture at Scribd.


The Android team's mission is to deliver a performant, stable and feature-rich Android application.


The iOS team's mission is to deliver a performant, stable and feature-rich iOS application.

Web Development

The Web Development team's mission is to deliver a fast, reliable and feature-rich website; optimized for search engines and users.

Mobile QA

The Mobile QA team strives for a defect-free Scribd mobile application known for its reliability.

Web QA

The Web QA team strives for a defect-free Scribd website known for its reliability.

Service Foundations

The Service Foudations team provides reliable, high-quality, scalable service foundations that teams can leverage to easily build, deploy and monitor self-owned, distributed services.

Open Positions

We’re actively hiring for these roles.